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[v3.1.5] Free Download Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

Download Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce 3.1.5 Best WooCommerce Payment Manager – Easily customize payment fields on WooCommerce checkout page.

Easily customize the order form with the Checkout Field Editor plugin for WooCommerce. Add, edit, modify, delete, or change the order of display of payment fields using this simple WooCommerce payment manager. In addition to adding custom fields, create and include custom sections on your WooCommerce order form. Working hand in hand with ThemeHigh’s WooCommerce multi-step payment plugin, create custom payment steps, and include custom fields and sections in them using the payment field editor.

Adding custom fields to the WooCommerce checkout page is very easy now. You can add custom fields in the Billing, Shipping and Additional Fields sections. The new field form contains options to provide values ​​for Type, Name, Label, Placeholder, Class, Label class, etc. You also have the option to choose validation rules from a predefined list.

Edit field (s).
You can edit the main and custom fields in the Billing, Shipping and Additional Fields sections. In the edit form, you have the option to provide new values ​​for Name, Type, Label, Placeholder, Class, Label class, validation rules, etc. (The availability of these options may change depending on the field types).

  • Input text
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Select
  • Textarea
  • Radio

Show on order details page and email.
You can decide on a field whether it should be displayed on the Order Details and Email page using the “Show on order details pages” and “Show in emails” check boxes. These check boxes are available on the “New Field” and “Edit Field” forms.

Delete field (s).
You can remove the fields displayed on the checkout page, order details page, and emails. Removing central fields can lead to unexpected results with some plugins. We are not recommending this.

Activate / Deactivate field (s).
You can enable/disable the fields (temporarily remove) so that they are not displayed on the checkout page, order details page, and emails. Disabling the main fields can lead to unexpected results with some plugins. We are not recommending this.

Change the order of the payment fields.
You can easily manage the display order of payment fields from the administrator side by simply moving the fields up and down.

Reset to default field set.
You can reset all changes to the original WooCommerce fields configured with the “Reset to default fields” button.

There are 17 field types available:
In the Add New Field and Edit Field Form form, you can choose the field type from a list of 17 that includes 15 input fields and one field for title / header and one for label.

  • Input text
  • Hidden
  • Password
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Number
  • Textarea
  • Radio
  • Box
  • Group of check boxes
  • Select
  • Multiple choice
  • Date picker
  • Time selector
  • Upload file
  • Header: displays a header / title
  • Label: displays a label / text
  • Conditional fields:
  • Conditionally display fields and sections based on cart items and other field (s) values.

Custom validations:
The custom validation function can be used to define custom validation rules using RegEx.

Price fields:
Add additional cost to cart total based on field selection.

Add new section:
Add new sections at predefined positions on checkout page.

  • Before customer details
  • After customer details
  • Before the billing form
  • After the billing form
  • Before submitting the form
  • After the submission form
  • Before the registration form
  • After the registration form
  • Before order notes
  • After the order notes
  • Before the terms and conditions
  • After the terms and conditions
  • Before sending the button
  • After sending button
  • Edit section (s) properties:
  • Edit the label of the custom added sections and the display position.


How to free download:
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